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@Brittbods: Zayn and Louis at the club in Chicago


im gonna cheat and link more than one video :PPP

soo x x and x (im 99,9% sure you’ve seen this butttt) 

ok these are some of the videos i have in my bookmarks but i can’t look for more cause i really gotta go to bed now :(:(:(:((:

Bless youuu!! I have not seen the first one! Woohoo!! Louis’ cute faaace!!

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Anonymous asked:
maybe this one /watch?v=9bQfOLr4VDw LOUIS PLEASE xxx


hahahahha yes i indeed haven’t seen that one

pls tell me you typed in one direction clicked on “views” and went to the last page ;p

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liam finds a ninja turtle and gives it to zayn to give it to security to keep. zayn makes sure they do. x

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if you can/want, send me a link/description of a 1d video you think i might not have seen pleaase :)

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Liam (and Zayn) taking selfies on a fan’s phone - 30/09

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it's more of a moment but i don't think you'll have seen these particular videos of it - louis goes up to the josh's drums, harry follows him up, he plays the drums whilst louis looks on fondly and then they tumble off the podium /watch?v=O9mDZPvVGrc#t=57 /watch?v=XVLAIsYAUME /watch?v=cpaNetOip7E#t=46 :)

x x x


i cannot believe i have but but the thing is my friend kate went to that concert and she saw that moment and wrote about it in her concert report here

so back then i actually actively looked for those videos but could never find one that was worth giffing ( so maybe i havent seen all three like i can’t voucher for that obviously but i think IT COUNTS? ;)

thaaaaank you for playing! :D this is fun!!!

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Hahhhh jokes thanks HARRY

thy i try very hard to be cool

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if someone was really funny they’d ask us if we’ve ever seen the zourry twitcam video

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