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Spin the Harry he said it and I think megamind too???? And the video diary thing from the iTunes festival xx

yeah the video diary from the iTunes festival is the one i tried to find and failed! SO ANON GO WATCH THAT ONE AND IT’LL MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND :’) (it’s on youtube but the first two i just found were not hq so you go find a better one and enjoy it ! :)

also if you haven’t watch all the videos from xfacto as in all the above mentioned like megamind and ect. i’ve got a video link list here for you: X

hi, i'm pretty new to this fandom and wasn't here for it so what was the "if you liked it don't come back" thing about?

It’s one of Louis’ quotes he used in the quickfire videos the boys themselves made for the fans when they were still on the xfactor ( so in 2010).

HERE’S THE LINK (click this as fast as you can i’t like BOOM BAM this is 1D. maybe you’ll cry with how much you miss them even if you weren’t a fan back then.)

and then like two years later they released another of those videos ( which for some stupid reason i am unable to find rn? can someone link to it in a reply to this ask?) and louis still used the exact same words and basically remembering that NOW is nostalgia wrapped in nostalgia in nostalgia yk?

Josh have had his snapchat for about half a year i think, so he didnt just make it.. But anyway :)

oh thanks :O

Wait, have ppl been sharing the snapchats before? HAVE I JUST MISSED IT? Or is THAT new?

yk if anyone could supply us with 1d snapchats it’s josh, fanservice supplier no 1 <3


fall in love with someone who will treat you how one direction treats niall