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  what i want from life: louis as xfactor judge

kisspering replied to your post: what if they actually are married?

I wouldn’t be surprised tbh

i wouldn’t either. but it would just be the most wonderful thing in the world. and if they’re not married yet… i believe that at least the promise was made. i really do.

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  1. alwaysinmyheartsincerelylouis said: With all the tattoos that Harry has and plans to get, I would believe something permanent has or will be happening.
  2. lapelosa said: Do you remember how Harry has brought up marriage in interviews at least a couple of times? Harry and Louis must have at least discussed it before, but I very easily believe they’re married or planning on it. Just look at them.
  3. rogerandtennisball said: they’re more than married, zara. more than married.
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