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  what i want from life: louis as xfactor judge


So I am gonna tell every single one of you what exactly is happening in this video because I feel like in fact not many do know. (And that Louis says “I love you” to Harry is not actually one of them).

So basically Paul gave the boys a challenge (all four of them) - to insert the following random phrases into the interview - blank canvas, dynamite, connect 4 and dastardly.

The first one to succeed is Liam at 0:53 with dropping “blank canvas" very randomly, but the Interviewer takes it. I feel like Liam was born to succeed. (You can watch how Louis is impressed an nods at, I assume, Paul off camera.)

It’s no surprise that Louis quickly follows at 1:01 by describing their situation as “It’s dynamite.” (You go Glen Coco!)

Just watch all the boys reactions. They absolutely love this game.

Next up is the thing I wanted to get out of the way once and for all.

The part at 1.32 where Louis and Harry talk. This bit here:


The bit people claim Louis says “I love you” in. Well, he doesn’t.

He says: “What’s yours?” (in regard to the game they are playing)

Harry answers: “Connect Four.”

Then Louis does this: (and I am so not okay with it)


Harry finally manages to bring “connect 4” into the conversation at 2.13, when he starts telling a story about his mum, playing the game when he called her. This Ladies and Gentleman is a lie. Don’t make it fandom-canon that Anne won in a round of connect 4 when Harry called her. And please appreciate the fact that Harry is still a very bad actor and that Louis just absolutely loves it. (He’s totally living out his embarasse!harry!kink when he asks him “who won?”. (iatehimsomuch))

Last but not least is Niall with “dastardly”. At 4:48 they are asked what product Harry is using for his hair and Niall answers dead serious “Some dastardly stuff for his hair.” (letmeloveyouforeverandalways)

Now with that knowledge in your head watch the video again. It’s hilarious. To think that we’d just accept these random words and stories from the boys without thinking about it further is absolutely incredible. How did aynone think that this wasn’t questionable?

(Let’s also give a quick thought shout out to Zayn who is not there and therfore this Interview is not an Interview with one Direction but only with Niall/Liam/Louis and Harry. Also Zayn: He would’ve been hilarious at that game.)

See fandom: These boys are brilliant without you making stuff up about them.

In this case reality is so much better than fantasy.

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