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  what i want from life: louis as xfactor judge
How do you feel about Harry? 

Okay I am going to publish this ask as a post because so many people seem to agree. Still I want to say that I am not done thinking about this. This is part of my thought-process and nothing else.


…………………………………. !!

this is really difficult for me to answer without stepping on anyone’s toes.

It’s tricky because as of right now I don’t feel like I am really a fan of One Direction anymore?

I do love all the boys seperately and I love their OT5-ing. But the brand that is their band makes it really really difficult for me to call myself a fan.

Because I am not a fan of what is going on with them at all.

A lot of people victimize the boys, and - as much as I’d like to do that in order for me to feel better - I just can’t.

They are lying to us. Flat out.

I don’t mean they have to tell us everything. Oh god no. I wish they had more privacy actually.

But they shouldn’t lie. I mean that.

That Haylor-Thing. (regardless of Larry). It’s PR. Simple as that. Everyone knows that.

Yet what it advertises so far is that Harry doesn’t care to do the walk of shame and that it’s about sex. It means that “sexcraved” Harry rather spends his time with Taylor than with his family.

It takes the limelight away from their gig at MSG. The thing this whole trip should be about, tbh.

Then they go ahead and sunroof and he hugs statues and he smiles and is all cupcake-y.

Sorry but that is just fake.

Whatever they were shooting for. They were staging fun. It was actual scripted fun.

And look how easy it was for them.

They are international famous filthy rich popstars and they CAN put on a show.

Sorry but how am I supposed to know what’s real? What’s really them?

I, for one, can’t differentiate between a real and a fake smile any longer. (except for when it’s louis - bless his soul)

Just look at Liam and Harry. I mean it.

Liam was furious with the fan hitting Danielle, yet a second later he beamed in the photograph.

I couldn’t bring myself to even reblog one of those pictures of them out and about. Because it wasn’t real. It was them acting. It was a show. And I don’t care about the image?

I am not blaming them. I am not downtalking them. I am not disrespecting them.

I am just saying that they are in this business and they are a part fo this business and they learned how to be in this business.

Or let’s say: Haylor is real.

What would that tell me about Harry? Nothing good. Nothing good at all.

Because if it were real. Why not keep it private? Have her with him, go on dates. But don’t walk out of the front door of her hotel 3 days in a row, knowing that papparazzis are there.

The boys managed to sneak out of there hotel the entire trip.

So… yeah. If Haylor were real I’d be even more …. put off.

What I am trying to say is, is that no matter how I twist and turn it. No matter which scenario I play out in my head:

The boys never look good in it. They are never fully the victims in it.

So. I don’t think I can even answer your question properly.

What it boils down to is that I don’t know who “One Direction” is anymore and that I don’t know who to trust.

I love Harry. I doubt his existence. He is a cupcake and an exceptionel human being.

But…. I can’t trust him? - and that makes me feel really uncomfortable.

Wow, I really shouldn’t publish that.

Oh well.

You asked, and this is my opinion.

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